The Moza R3 is a direct drive sim racing bundle for Xbox

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Moza Racing’s first venture into the console market is with a 3.9Nm direct drive wheel base in a bundle with a wheel and pedals.
The Moza R3 is a direct drive sim racing bundle for Xbox

Following a recent teaser, the formal reveal of the Moza Racing R3 bundle is today, 23rd August 2023, at the German Gamescom event – paving the way for further console-compatible direct drive sim racing equipment.

Starting with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, this bundle will also work with PC, the R3 is a new variant of Moza’s direct drive wheel bases, with a unique 3.9Nm peak torque output and diminutive aluminium housing featuring the ‘X’ insignia. It looks similar in size to the compact 5Nm PC-only R5 wheel base.

Of course, when on PC, it will be compatible with Moza’s app and Pit House software. A desk clamp is included in the package.

MOZA Racing ES Steering Wheel Xbox sim racing

Also included is a revised version of the existing ES Wheel, which now includes the branded and licenced Xbox button icons alongside the LED shift lights and gearshift paddles. Compared to the existing version, the main inputs are colourised and there’s an Xbox logo button instead of the generic ‘start’. In the centre, the view, share and menu buttons now align with Microsoft’s console controller.

While the R3 bundle does have a quick-release system, it’s worth noting that at this time, this specific ES is the only wheel that works on Xbox at present – more are planned for future release. This Xbox-licenced ES variant wheel will work on PC with the R5 and R12 wheel bases alongside the R3 and it will be sold separately.

Moza R3 sim racing bundle wheel and pedals Xbox

A set of SRP Lite Pedals, one throttle and one brake, round out the bundle, which to be clear are not load cell compatible. They are, however, made from steel, as opposed to plastic, and use hall sensors which in theory are less susceptible to dust build-up compared to some other entry-level sets.

An initial compatibility list has been published too, including popular Xbox racing titles such as Assetto Corsa (but not Competizione seemingly), Forza Horizon 5, DiRT Rally 2.0, WRC Generations and F1 23.

The R3 bundle will be on sale in Q4 of 2023 for $399, £399, €439 and $689 AUD and joins Xbox-compatible direct drive systems such as Fanatec’s CSL DD and Logitech’s G PRO. We will be delivering a hands-on verdict of the R3 soon.

MOZA Racing R3 Bundle specifications

  • Peak Torque – 3.9 Nm
  • Encoder Resolution – 15 bits
  • Drive Type – Direct Drive
  • Quick Release – Supported
  • APP Functionality – Supported
  • Connection – Ports Power, DC Input, Pedal, USB, Dash
  • Accessories – Manual and Warranty Card, Power Supply, Data Cable, Toolkit
  • Mounting Method – 4 holes on the bottom
  • Table Clamp – Included
  • Online Firmware Upgrade – Supported
  • Release date – Q4 2023
  • Price – $399, £399, €439 and $689 AUD

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