Team Redline teams with Simucube for branded 2 Pro Direct Drive base

Justin Melillo
Not a new piece of hardware, but a new take on a proven product as Team Redline and Simucube have teamed up for an exclusively branded 2 Pro DD base.

As of Friday (16th December), Autosport’s Esports Team of the Year for 2022 has combined their likeness with a top tier sim racing equipment manufacturer. Team Redline, one of the top esports racing teams out there, has joined forces with Simucube for a Team Redline exclusive Direct Drive wheelbase.

The base is a variant of the Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive base, and the version that currently exists produces a maximum of 25Nm of torque. It’s the middle child of the Simucube base family, above the Sport model but below the Ultimate. The Team Redline variant is the same product, but cooler looking.

The standard edition of the Simucube 2 Pro exists for €1438.80 including VAT. This Team Redline branded one will cost just a slight bit more, at €1498.80, but the increase in price isn’t just for some added sticker either. This branding will be added directly to the base through screen printing.

The power pairing was teased on Tuesday (13th December) and announced on Wednesday. This isn’t the first piece of sim equipment emblazoned with the Team Redline logos and stylization. Last year, Heusinkveld released a set of their Sim Pedals Sprint with the familiar Team Redline style.

Team Redline, of course, is one of the longest standing and most successful esports teams in sim racing history, dating back to the turn of the century in 2000. More recently, the Team Redline entries in the Le Mans Virtual Series competition swept both classes in the 2022 running back in January.

A testimonial on the landing page of the new product has one of Team Redline’s top drivers, Kevin Siggy, reaffirm his allegiance to the Simucube brand.

“I’ve been using Simucube wheelbases for over 3 years and they never disappointed me in the experience they gave me. Now with the new Team Redline design on it, it looks even more amazing and I’m happy to continue using it for every top sim racing event,” Siggy said in the testimonial on the site.

This base comes with a two-year warranty and will ship to customers within the week. Team Redline’s Simucube 2 Pro model is a Limited Edition product, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one, you may want to act quickly.

With Team Redline out there with two sim racing branded products now, what sim racing entity would you like to see get their own branded products out there? Would you rep your favorite team in your sim racing setups? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

SOURCE: Simucube

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