Heusinkveld, Team Redline announce special branded Sim Pedals Sprint

Heusinkveld, Team Redline announce special branded Sim Pedals Sprint

Team Redline, one of the more prominent teams across all of sim racing, has teamed up with Heusinkveld to unveil a special edition of the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint.

The pedals themselves are three distinctly different setups, each of which is specially crafted to perform at the highest levels of sim racing. Each pedal has its own range of customization and tweaking available utilizing the Heusinkveld SmartControl system. The feeling is like no other, and there is a reason that these pedals are highly regarded among the sim racing community.

These Team Redline-branded pedals will run about €660.33 for a three pedal set. There is also a separate Team Redline base plate that will cost an extra €90.08 if you don’t plan to mount it on your own.

A Sim Pedals Sprint model already exists in a standard form, with a three pedal set running for €577.69 and base plate for €73.55. So, while it’s not technically a new piece of hardware that we’re covering today, it is a cool thing to see a Le Mans Virtual Series race winning team paired up with a well-known sim equipment manufacturer.

What do you think? Are these pedals worth the extra cash to get the terrific color combination and logos that Team Redline provides? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Image thanks to Team Redline

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