Take a trip through Euro Truck Simulator 2’s West Balkans DLC as new gameplay footage teased 

As Euro Truck Simulator 2’s West Balkans DLC nears completion, developer SCS Software takes us on a guided tour through the scenic vistas of Albania.
Euro Truck Simulator 2, West Balkans DLC

Euro Truck Simulator 2’s West Balkan DLC nears its destination as developer SCS Software offers up a comprehensive playthrough in its latest teaser video. 

The 26-minute-long journey starts in the scenic hills of Albania, venturing towards the capital, Tirana, before heading further west to the country’s Adriatic coast, highlighting the region’s diverse landscape. 

Originally announced in June 2022, Euro Truck Simulator 2’s (ETS 2) West Balkans DLC has been showcased on several occasions over the ensuing months, impressing players with the scale and detail of its contents, with Fruska Gora, Galichica, Durmitor, Bjeshkët e Nemuna, Drina and Theth National Parks all set to be included. 

The Czech developer also plans to add a free Italian city to the game when the new DLC drops, as Trieste acts as a bridge between mainland Italy and Slovenia – the gateway to the West Balkans – so all ETS 2 players are set to benefit. 

ETS 2’s West Balkans DLC is available to Wishlist on Steam now, with a release date yet to be announced. 

New industries set for Euro Truck Simulator 2’s upcoming West Balkans DLC
Plenty of new industries are set for the West Balkans DLC

SCS on the Road, new episode – Mid-America Trucking Show 2023 

As well as releasing a preview of the West Balkans DLC, SCS Software has released the latest episode of its fascinating vlog series, ‘SCS on the Road’, with the crew returning to the Mid-America Trucking Show to check out more of the American trucking scene. 

The vibrant truck show saw SCS set up a 4D trucking simulator running American Truck Simulator, while Western Star’s Brand Marketing Manager Anthony Pires guides us through a look at the storied manufacturer’s truck range – including the 57X added to the game last year.

For more behind the scenes insights into both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 check out the rest of the ‘SCS on the Road’ vlogs on SCS Software’s YouTube channel

Are you impressed with the West Balkans DLC playthrough? Are you enjoying the ‘SCS on the Road’ series of vlogs? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source: SCS Software

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