Stuntfest: World Tour demo is free during Steam Next Fest

During Steam Next Fest from 3rd October to 10th October, Stuntfest: World Tour fans can play the demo for free.
Stuntfest - World Tour, Car ejection

For the next seven days, Steam users can demo Stuntfest: World Tour for free during the 2022 edition of the Steam Next Fest. A part racing, part crashing, and part human propulsion title from Pow Wow Entertainment and THQ Nordic, Stuntfest: World Tour is set to launch in full later this year.

While it may look similar to Wreckfest, and maybe even more so because they’re both under the THQ Nordic umbrella, Stuntfest is much different as it involves a human character element, where the player will, at times, be launched from their vehicle to progress forward in whichever stunt is on the table.

Racing is one of those stunts, just sometimes you do it without a vehicle.

The demo will include 12 different tracks, four different cars, and five different characters to choose from.

This isn’t the first time that Stuntfest: World Tour fans have been able to get a sniff at what’s in store for the full release. Back in August, some of us were able to register and access the pre-alpha build of the game during the Summer of Stunts weekend.

Hopefully, more development has gone into the title since then. While it showed promise in the pre-alpha, it was clear that it was early in the development. Now in demo status with more to see and do, I’ll personally be checking in to see how it’s changed since then.

There’s still no official date set for the release, but we do still believe, at least from what what given in the initial announcement, that it’s coming before the end of this year. Maybe not, though, as there are just three months left. Will you be demoing this title this week? Let us know in the comments!

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