Ride 5’s Special Edition includes early access and season pass

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Following the announcement of Ride 5, further details have emerged about the game’s post-release DLC plans and pre-order bonuses.
Ride 5 Autopolis Triumph

The special edition and bonuses provide a hint into how Ride 5‘s post-release content strategy will play out.

Firstly, both the digital standard edition pre-orders and a special edition will feature the Far East Pack which includes two additional motorcycles:

  • Kawasaki Z900 2021
  • Suzuki TL1000R Racing Modified 1998

The Z900 is a super make motorbike with 125 ps (at 9,500 rpm) the brand’s Z Sugomi styling. The older Suzuki, meanwhile, is a uniquely tuned motorsport version of the 90° V-Twin superbike.

Kawasaki Z900 2021, Ride 5 DLC
Kawasaki Z900 2021, part of Ride 5’s Far East Pack DLC

Mercifully, both bikes are new for Ride 5, not appearing in 2020’s Ride 4. We expect the pack to be available as a separate purchase for those who do not pre-order or pick up the special edition.

Suzuki TL1000R Ride 5
Suzuki TL1000R in Ride 5 – the DLC will feature a racing-modified version of this bike

Season Pass confirmed

Its sets the template for Ride 5‘s DLC plan, with a special edition of the game also including a Rebel Pack, the contents of which are to be confirmed.

It also comes bundled with a Season Pass, confirming a long-term commitment to new content after release. Ride 4’s season pass, for example, featured new motorcycles, events and Trophies/Achievements three times per month for the 10 months post-launch. Then, there was a mixture of paid and free additions.

Ride 5 Special Edition

Early Access

Also bundled with the special digital version are three days of early access. Ride 5 launches on PC (Steam and Epic), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on 24th August 2023. Thus, the special edition is available from 21st August 2023.

Special edition price

Ride 5 will cost $59.99/£69.99/€79.99. The Ride 5 Special Edition will cost $89.99/£94.99/€109.99.

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