RIDE 5 will feature a four-act Career Mode with a new Rivals system

Justin Melillo
The new Walkthrough Trailer and Development Blog for RIDE 5 details some of the upcoming changes for the new and improved Career Mode, such as the addition of Rivals and a four-act career.
RIDE 5 will feature a four-act Career Mode with a new Rivals system

The Career Mode for the upcoming Milestone title RIDE 5 is getting an upgrade over previous games in the series. Recently, a new trailer was posted by Milestone and a new Dev Blog by RIDE 5 Senior Game Designer Antonio Notarangelo was published detailing the updated Career Mode.

As we previously understood, RIDE 5’s expansive single-player career mode was detailed to include several different race types, some of which include lengthy endurance rounds, and in total the mode would feature over 200 events across all of the core and secondary objectives.

As confirmation in the new video and posting, this new Career Mode is set to be a big step up over the previous games in the series. New features, added game modes and hours of play time are all set to be included when the title releases on 24th August 2023 for PC via Steam and Epic, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Specialized Rivals Added to Career

One of the biggest aspects of the new RIDE 5 Career will be the inclusion of Rivals. These riders will be unique, and will fit into the story through cutscenes, voiceovers, and how they race you on the track. Each rider is different and will “intersect with the player’s career at crucial moments, becoming recurring antagonists”.

These rivals will make things difficult through the progression of a player’s career, not too unlike other racing games with similar rival structure. Whether these rivals can eventually become allies, well, it’s not too clear.

Defeating Rivals will help to further your own collection. The example given was that in the Career, rider rivals will have their own flair, like Charles Nolan who races on a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600. By defeating this rival, players can win that specific bike.

Take the Tour and Test the Limit(less challenges)

The Career has two paths for players to take, each with hours upon hours of game time to get through. The main Career path is the Tour, which is composed of four Acts, each with their own events that include championships, competitions, single races or time attacks.

As for the secondary Career path, that would be what are called Limitless Challenges. Again, there are four Acts, these of which correspond with the main four Acts, but will feature a higher difficulty level to complete. They unlock as the main Acts are completed.

These Tour events are not required to be won or even all completed, but even with the minimum effort to keep moving forward in a career, it’s estimated that it will take at least 17 hours to complete the four Tours. By doing everything, including the Limitless Challenges, play time could extend past 50 hours of gameplay.

Building your Career from the ground up

When players start their career, they won’t have the most flashy of equipment or headquarters. Players will start with a Pickup in a location of less beauty, for example. However, as they play more, win more, obtain more, better things will become available, such as a “fully-equipped truck” and a more luxurious Headquarters and location.

It’s a true build up from the bottom. Better bikes obtained will lead to better chances of succeeding in future events as well. Of course, if you can’t afford those top-of-the-line bikes, it’s stated that loaners are an option, but it will reduce any earnings obtained, so the build up to the top can continue but just at a lesser pace.

Getting higher in the world rankings will result in the evolution of the player’s headquarters and transportation as well. The better the results, the more luxurious the Career becomes.

The RIDE 5 Career aims to be the most ambitious of the series to date. How it will play out with all of the other new features and game play modes is yet to be seen, but it won’t be too long until we find out.

RIDE 5 is set to launch on 24th August 2023 for PC (Steam and Epic), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It will cost $59.99/£69.99/€79.99 for the Standard Edition or $89.99/£94.99/€109.99 for the Special Edition.


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