rFactor 2’s BMW M2 CS revamped and will be available for free ‘very soon’

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rFactor 2’s BMW M2 CS has been given a major rework, with Studio 397 promising the car will be available to keep for free ‘very soon’.
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Studio 397 has today (25th September 2023) announced its BMW M2 CS for rFactor 2 has undergone a significant update, with minor fixes also arriving for the Vauxhall Astra BTCC, Brabham BT44, McLaren M23 and March 761 cars. 

Not only has the BMW been given a hefty upgrade, with new sounds, tyres and electronics (more in line with the kind of quality of life improvements made to the sim’s GT3 cars), but the developer has also revealed the car will be available for free soon, with players encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for more information. 

The BMW M2 CS has now also been split into two categories in-game: Cup and Clubsport. The M2 CS Racing Cup has up to 365bhp and is eligible to run in SRO’s TCX class (as also seen in Assetto Corsa Competizione), which is included in series like TC America and TC France, as well as one-make championships in Germany, Italy and the Benelux region. 

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The car is also widely campaigned in the Nürburgring Nordschleife-based NLS Nürburgring Endurance Series, with the new updates set to create a more convincing driving experience thanks to improved sounds as well as better ABS and traction control implementation.

The Clubsport edition of the M2 CS is a more powerful version of the same base car, and comes replete with uprated brakes and cooling. It’s considered to be more suitable for track days and club-level multi-class series. 

The new rFactor 2 update also sees minor lighting tweaks for the March 761, Mclaren M23 and Brabham BT44 historic single-seaters, with ‘phantom teams’ removed from the Vauxhall Astra BTCC car’s roster.

What do you think about the newly-updated BMW M2 CS in rFactor 2? Let us know in the comments below. 

rFactor 2, 25th September 2023 update changelog 

BMW M2 CS v1.47 

  • Added new teams 
  • Added new sounds 
  • Added new driver animation 
  • Added new tires 
  • Added new TC and ABS system 
  • Added gearbox protection system 
  • Tyre, slightly cooler to reduce grip loss in sustained cornering 
  • ABS tweak to reduce locking 
  • More aggressive blip 
  • Reduce rear spindle friction slightly to reduce ‘rear brake effect’ and improve acceleration slightly 
  • Increased ABS sample rate to 200hz to improve braking distance 
  • Updates to suspension geometry, dampers, default setup and ABS parameters 
  • Split ClubSport and Cup into their own classes 
  • Removed aid penalty for TC 
  • Lower default brake pressure 
  • Tweaks to ABS system 
  • Longer travel for helper springs 
  • Latest spec tires 
  • Reworked suspension, aerodynamics and brakes 
  • Tune traction control to be less intrusive 
  • Minor adjustment to ABS to try make FFB less ‘grainy’ 
  • Increase down-shift delay to allow revs to rise fast enough at higher RPM 
  • Decrease fuel consumption on 350hp engine to be lower than 450hp engine 
  • Increase base grip of wet weather tyres 

Vauxhall Astra BTCC v1.67 

  • Fixed teams 

March 761v 2.15 

  • Fixed parts not being lit by omni lights 

Mclaren M23 v1.58 

  • Fixed parts not being lit by omni lights 
  • Fix default gear ratio’s for better performance over a wider range of circuits (mostly taller gearing) 
  • Break wheels off more easily to match the other 2 classic GP cars 

Brabham BT44 v2.69 

  • Fixed parts not being lit by omni lights 
  • Fixed upgrades not showing in showroom 
  • Fixed shift lights

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Images courtesy of Studio 397

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