Retro indie racer Slipstream coming to consoles this April

Ross McGregor
Retro indie racer Slipstream coming to console in April

Spanish publisher BlitWorks has announced that retro-themed racing game Slipstream will be coming to consoles on 7th April.

The game, created entirely by one-man development team Sandro Luiz de Paula – aka ansdor – is heavily inspired by Sega’s 80s arcade classic Outrun. The Brazilian developer has even engineered a proprietary game engine to mimic the 2D sprite-scaling pixel art style heavily used by the racing genre of the time.

Slipstream features a four-player local split-screen mode, 20 tracks, five raceable cars, six game modes, rewind feature and the ability to slow the game action down.

Speaking of which, BlitWorks has promised constant 60fps gameplay and graphical filters to imitate an authentic CRT TV/NTSC/30fps experience. Game mechanics such as drifting and slipstreaming will be crucial to success in the extensive Grand Prix mode, with the emphasis on flat-out action.

The game also features an original soundtrack by Stefan Moser – aka Effoharkay – with nine exclusive songs.


Slipstream releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on 7th April 2022, costing $9.99/€8.99. It’s currently available for PC (Steam) right now for $9.99/€8.19/£7.19.

Slipstream arrives at a time when retro indie racers are massively popular. In recent times we’ve been treated to the likes of Horizon Chase Turbo, Formula Retro Racing, Victory Heat Rally and Retro Pixel Racers. Does Slipstream do enough to stand out in a crowded indie racer marketplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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