Rennsport Beta tease unveils prototype, official reveal expected at June Summit

Justin Melillo
The Rennsport Beta is close to its official reveal, set for June at the Rennsport Summit. However, the Beta and a new, non GT3 car was teased on Monday (15th May).
Prototype rennsport

During the eighth round of the ESL R1 Spring Season broadcast at the Hockenheimring, following the two Semi-Finals, the announcement for the announcement of the delayed Rennsport Beta was teased, and after the four silhouettes of the GT3 cars already in use faded off screen, some sort of prototype car was briefly revealed.

That’s right, this is NOT another GT3 car, as that’s all we’ve gotten from Rennsport so far. We don’t know exactly which prototype car it is, if it’s any specific LMP or maybe it’s even something conceptual. However, this is a big reveal as it re-confirms that Rennsport is not just going to be only a GT3 simulation program.

This is the first visual confirmation of new car content besides what we’ve seen in earlier reveals as well as during this inaugural ESL R1 season.

“We will have concept cars, we will have historic cars and open-wheelers,” said Rennsport CEO Morris Hebecker in a recent chat on the Grid Finder Podcast. That podcast conversation also laid out what we know to this point, which included that we’d find out more about the Beta in June at the Rennsport Summit.

“We will definitely will tell a bit more about what kind of content will be available… and we will have four or five new cars to show there and also new racetracks,” said Hebecker.”

The Rennsport Summit, which is where the ESL R1 Spring Season calendar ends with a LAN-based finale, is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of June. Let us know your car guess in the comments below.

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