Rennsport roadmap, and further cars, set for June unveiling

Thomas Harrison-Lord
While the perceived GT3 stigma and delayed Beta weighs over the upcoming sim racing platform, its CEO has revealed when we can expect more.
Rennsport Mercedes-AMG GT3

Speaking on the Grid Finder Podcast, the Rennsport‘s lead has revealed that further details are due very soon.

It comes off the back of the GT3-only focussed ESL R1 esports series, which raised questions about the new title’s car and track roster.

ESL R1, Rennsport, Spa-Francorchamps

“When we decide to do [ESL R1]… People said to me that you’re stupid, one of your biggest competitors is Assetto Corsa, and they did such a great GT3 game,” said Morris Hebecker on the episode.

“We always had in our vision to create this sporting [event] and start with ESL R1 and therefore, it was quite clear from all the feedback by the partners and so on, they would like to have something where they all could come together.

“GT3, to be honest, was the best way of bringing them together and creating a sporting environment.”

“But as I said several times, this was just the starting point for us.”

Emily Jones tests Rennsport

It follows a spate of online comments lambasting the unreleased driving title. We penned an op-ed riposte to this movement, explaining how in the long run that won’t be the case. Still, this wasn’t enough for some, but things will become clearer in the coming weeks.

“We will have concept cars we will have historic cars and open-wheelers,” said Hebecker, confirming comments from 2022.

“We will do a keynote at the summit in June this year. At this summit last year, we started with the [esports] drivers… And got their feedback.

“This year, we will start to tell the story about what we are planning with all the modding things with all the content things and so on.

“We will definitely will tell a bit more about what kind of content will be available… and we will have four or five new cars to show there and also new racetracks.”

Morris Hebecker, CEO, Rennsport, Summit 1

Held in Munich last May, the inaugural Rennsport Summit showcased to the world the vision behind the project and acted as an esports test bed. The ESL R1 Spring Season calendar ends with a LAN-based finale, 3rd-4th June.

So alongside the title-deciding race, this year, the community is requesting more information about the end product. It sounds as if they will receive it, too…

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