Redecorate your service station in Gas Station Simulator’s new DLC

Redecorate your service station in Gas Station Simulator's new DLC

Polish developer Movie Games has revealed its “Can Touch This” DLC for Gas Station Simulator will release on the 18th of May 2022.

Polish developer Movie Games announced today (13th May 2022) that quirky sim Gas Station Simulator will receive new DLC content imminently.

The new content, entitled ‘Can Touch This’, allows players a vast number of redecoration options for their petrol station. A Ginsters kiosk is sadly not included.

The confusingly named DLC pack allows players to purchase desks, banners, and lights and redecorate their petrol station using 30 new decals, 30 new wall materials and 15 new floor options. For more artistic players, spray cans are available, but perhaps not the best option indoors. And not an MC Hammer reference in sight.

As well as new items, the latest DLC adds a range of new employees to hire and fire, as well as more gas station levels to attain. The game’s last DLC pack was the free Car Wash Update back in February of this year.

Gas Station Simulator, Can Touch This DLC, PC
I would drive another 20 miles not to be in this particular service station. It’s not quite Tebay.

Movie Games has also revealed that Gas Station Simulator sold an impressive 80,000 copies within 72-hours of release, and still aims to release its take on the trucking sim genre – Alaskan Truck Simulator – this year.

Gas Station Simulator’s ‘Can Touch This’ DLC will be available on PC via Steam from the 18th of May. Pricing details are yet to be revealed.

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