Gas Station Simulator is coming to consoles on 20th October

Gas Station Simulator is coming to consoles on 20th October

The folks behind Gas Station Simulator, which launched in full on Steam one year ago to the day on 15th September 2021, announced on Thursday’s one year anniversary date that the title will be expanding to consoles next month, on 20th October.

Developed by DRAGO Entertainment, MD Games will be the console publisher as it expands to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via backwards compatibility), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (via backwards compatibility), and Nintendo Switch consoles.

The popular simulation title allows players to take control of a gas station along the edge of the highway in the middle of nowhere. Owners can build their gas station up to their liking, expand into different services besides the basics like pumping gas and selling snacks.

Gas Station Simulator on Steam has more than 13,000 reviews and they are all mostly positive. While it’s not a racing or driving game, it still embodies the spirit of a virtual car game. Plus, it’s a different type of title that car enthusiasts might find to be fun in a different manor.

The console release will cost $19.99 on whichever platform you prefer. As it stands right now, the Steam release is currently on sale for $15.39 at the time of this posting.

There’s no word if the ‘Can Touch This’ DLC will be included in the console release or not.

Gas Station Simulator console release date

Gas Station Simulator will arrive on PlayStation and Xbox on 20th October 2022.

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