Real Racing 3 adds 2021 Formula 1 in upcoming Season 3 9.6 update

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Real Racing 3 adds 2021 Formula 1 in upcoming Season 3 9.6 update

If we’re going to be talking mobile gaming here on Traxion, how could we not tackle the behemoth that is Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts? Thankfully, they’ve made the talking points easy as their latest update adds the entirety of the 2021 Formula 1 grid to their roster of race cars, among other fantastic things.

All 10 of the 2021 F1 teams are represented in the latest edition, the Formula 1 Season 3 9.6 update that will be releasing to the masses on 3rd August. Those cars all cost M$2,500,000 in-game credits with the Mercedes and Red Bull seats just marginally better than the rest at full upgraded song.

The F1 cars included:

  • Alpine A521
  • Red Bull Racing RB16B
  • AlphaTauri AT02
  • Ferrari SF21
  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance
  • Haas VF-21
  • Alfa Romeo Racing C41
  • McLaren MCL35M
  • Aston Martin AMR21
  • Williams FW43B

This all coincides with the new F1 R3 Esports Global Challenge that puts a pair of race tickets on the line to the fastest confirmed time. Per the announcement video, all players will utilize the specially wrapped Formula 1 Esports Challenger made in conjunction with F1 to get the best possible time. The grand prize is two tickets to a live Formula 1 race, not specified which or if it is a choice, but still a very cool prize.

On top of the cars, liveries and real world prizes, there’s a lot more to unpack from this update. The mobile racer has added Seasonal Championships to the mix for the first time in this game’s history. Special events, limited series, time trial competitions and weekly time trials will be the challenges in store to earn Victory Points for each round of each season.

There are new special events listed that run through 6 September. Those include:

  • 2021 F1® R3 Esports Global Challenge

Each event has a different start date, but once you start playing it, you only get five days to get your best time in. With the addition of Formula E last month, two new Formula E events have been added to the career calendar as well. Those races are:

  • Formula E New York City E-Prix 2021
  • Formula E 2021 Berlin E-Prix

There are a ton more limited time events, new motorsports series and new bonus series included in the update, check out the official EA site for more on that.

Besides the F1 love in the update, there are some other new cars added to the mix. a Porsche 911 RSR (2021), Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 and Audi RS 5 Coupé are all now options to drive in the handheld racing game.

On top of a visual refresh and an updated user interface, there is a changelog included with the upcoming update that we’ve added below. It is also worth noting that it’s only been two weeks since the launch of the 2021 F1 game, but still the official F1 mobile game doesn’t have the updated grid.

Hopefully we see that update sooner than later, Even NASCAR has their 2021 schemes on their mobile game now.

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Season 3 9.6 Changelog

  • Added the ability to check which series a car can be used in. This can be done through a new button in the top-right of the screen when viewing a car in the garage.
  • Updated the Daily Race to include the 2021 F1® Cars and the 2021 Porsche 911 RSR.
  • Added an Evening variant for each of the Silverstone configurations.
  • The Season 6 and Season 7 Formula E SRT05e cars now ship instantly after being claimed by the player.
  • Weekly Time Trials, as well as the new Round Hub, now unlock at Player Level 4.
  • Updated the Main Menu:
    • Added the new Round Hub.
    • Removed the Special Events panel, as Special Events are now accessed through the Round Hub.
    • Moved the Race button to be to the right of the Motorsports and Road Collection.
  • Removed the Daily Race from the Formula 1® group.
  • Removed the Event Archives.
  • Updated the manual to include information on the new Seasonal Championships feature.
  • Fixed an issue on Android where the game would sometimes re-open immediately after being closed.
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