Ross McGregor dominates rFactor 2 Race of the Season at Donington Park

Justin Melillo
Traxion.GG’s own Ross McGregor was victorious in the rFactor 2 BTCC at Donington Park Race of the Season on Sunday (7th August 2022)
Ross McGregor dominates rFactor 2 Race of the Season at Donington Park

The fourth rFactor 2 Race Of The Season took place on Sunday (7th August 2022) and it was our very own Ross McGregor winning in dominant fashion at Donington Park in the 2021 BTCC Toyota Corolla GR Sport.

After weeks of qualifying on the rFactor 2 competition system, 19 drivers took to the starting grid for the 45 minute event. McGregor started on the pole position and was chased by Yoshiki Harada through the event. They were the only two to complete every lap with the blistering pace set by McGregor.

The race was broadcasted live on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel and hosted by Lewis McGlade and John Munro. The Race of the Season serves as the official end to the rFactor 2 season on the calendar. This was McGregor’s first Race of the Season start, and his first win as well.


After a bit of a slow formation lap, the race finally took off with a bit of a broken start. McGregor got off of the line just fine as he and Harada began to pull away from the field. Towards the back, there was a mix of cold tires and aggressive moves, often times not panning out for anyone.

With the event, drivers could pick their preferred tire compound beforehand in the setup. This led to a mixed bag among the field, with some opting for softs, others for hards, some on the mediums. The softs would not last as long as the others, but could give faster pace early.

By the seventh lap of the race, McGregor on the softs had caught the back part of the field and began lapping the field. Some drivers opted to take the opportunity to undercut the mandatory pit. With as short of a race as it was, the soft tires seemed to be the right call as tires could easily last to halfway.


As McGregor and Harada continued to lap the field, drivers like Robert Kaluza, Artur Kozlowski and Joe Young put on what can only be described as classic British Touring Car Championship racing. They and others in the field would find themselves racing insanely close, sometimes even making contact.

Towards the end, most of the field was still on the track, but some hopefuls had found trouble while racing hard. Retirements included the likes of Young as 14 drivers of the 19 starters finished the event.

McGregor was able to lead every lap en route to his first victory in the Race of the Season. He and Harada were the only two to finish on the lead lap as third place finisher Oliver Bunz was lapped on the final lap.


Pos.Car #DriverLaps
16Ross McGregor29
223Yoshiki Harada29
36Oliver Bunz28 (-1 lap)
415Jonathan Fraser28 (-1 lap)
523MrAdorkable28 (-1 lap)
620Sebastien Stako28 (-1 lap)
76Artur Kozlowski28 (-1 lap)
801Constant V Ewijk28 (-1 lap)
923Robert Kaluza27 (-2 laps)
1013Emilian Huminiuc27 (-2 laps)


The fifth Race Of The Season will feature even more new content on the rFactor 2 platform. In the fifth season of the new rFactor 2 Competition System, any and all rFactor 2 players can set a time to possibly qualify for the top split event, live on Traxion.GG, from 8th August to 12th September.

The vehicle will be the new Austin Mini Cooper S and the venue will be the new-ish Brands Hatch GP.

There will be five weeks of qualifying when the fourth season begins, and the 45 minute race will take place on 18th September at 3:00 p.m. EDT / 8:00 p.m. BST / 9:00 p.m. CEST.

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