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F1 22 1.08 update addresses AI straight line speed

F1 22 1.08 update addresses AI straight line speed

In theory, the latest game update for F1 22 reduces your AI-controlled rivals straight line proficiency, with several other fixes on the way soon.

One of the stranger quirks to EA SPORTS F1 22 in recent times has been the speed of your AI-controlled rivals in a straight line, especially when racing on the higher difficulty levels.

This has then been further exaggerated within the My Team career mode, as you struggle to upgrade your team to match the pace of the field.

It would seem that the advantage has come about by the rest of the grid having enhanced traxion traction coming out of slow-speed corners when compared to the player car. That would certainly explain their performance down the Casino Straight at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, for example.

F1 22 straight line AI speed, game update

Releasing today across PC, PlayStation and Xbox, the version 1.08 update has one simple change.

  • Rebalancing of AI performance in Career

If you then cross-reference that with the Electronic Arts help website, the following is marked resolved:

  • Patch 1.08 – AI straight line speed after slow corners

Also marked as resolved, and reported in July for version 1.06 is “little to no force feedback when using Logitech G920/G29/G923.” In our testing, this sadly remains largely similar, with a vagueness not seen on F1 2020 or 2021, for example.

Today’s update follows a raft of improvements post-release, and new content in the form of the Algarve International Circuit and by the end of August, cross-platform multiplayer.

Several high-profile Formula 1 game content creators have found this potential AI imbalance frustrating of late, with Jarno Opmeer pausing his My Team video series until a fix is enacted.

With this latest update now live, let us know in the comments below if you are experiencing more balance behaviour from the rest of the on-track cars.

Source: EA

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