RaceRoom’s 1,000bhp X-22 single-seater now available

RaceRoom’s modern-day X-22 single seater now available

The Formula RaceRoom X-22 is a modern interpretation of a fictional hybrid V6 single-seater racing car, and it’s available right now.

After a lengthy gestation period, RaceRoom Racing Experience is firing on all cylinders this year as its FR X-22 hybrid single-seater racing car is now available.

Released today, 31st August, the addition to the Formula RaceRoom fictional line-up takes inspiration from the top-class of open-wheel racing in the present day.

There’s a mid-mounted turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engine paired with an electrified hybrid system, for a total of over 1,000hp, which allows for an overtake system and selectable MGU-K maps.

It comes with three tyre compounds too, alongside a drag-reduction system and various halo viewpoint options. Forget driving aids, there aren’t any.

FRX-22 single-seater

Originally previewed last year, it was teased in the Interlagos Circuit announcement in May. The car was formerly revealed earlier this month, followed by livery reveals.

In total there are 47 designs, each representing a nation. Hat tip to the Dutch entry with its cheese sponsorship and German team reminding us of a particular real-world design…

The X-22 costs £3.42/$3.97/€3.98 and all designs are £6.67/$7.76/€7.77. There’s no official word on the new Zandvoort layout, also teased with the new car.

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