Race as Street Fighter’s Chun-Li in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Race as Street Fighter's Chun-Li in Hot Wheels Unleashed

It’s time for the second season of paid Hot Wheels Unleashed downloadable content to begin, and with it comes more Street Fighter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-theme vehicles.

For fans of the Capcom fighting game, a car in the style of Chun-Li’s blue and orange outfit is now available, following Blanka in November and M Bison in October 2021.

Those who watched the Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers animated television show can now also pick up the Power Rage vehicle, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line-up is further expanded with the option of Michelangelo.

Raphael will launch in April, only leaving Donatello with an as-yet-unannounced appearance.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Booster Slam track module

Another ‘Module’ – read, an obstacle – is also released today (17th February 2022). The Booster Slam looks like a moving basketball hoop that players bust drive through. It can be used in the Track Builder and then shared online.

Finally, the Outer Space Customization Pack is purchasable and includes:

For the Basement:

  • Two walls
  • Two floors
  • One door
  • One decoration
  • One couch
  • One set of four posters

For the Unleashed Profile:

  • One icon
  • One tag
  • One background
Hot Wheels Unleashed Outer Space Customization Pack

Each item is available for purchase individually, and we’ve listed the pricing below. You can also purchase the Hot Wheels Pass Vol.2. For £24.99/$29.99, including all of today’s new content and all paid DLC releasing until the end of April.


  • AcceleRacers Power Rage vehicle – £0.79/$0.99
  • Street Fighter Chun-Li vehicle – £1.69/$1.99
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo vehicle – £2.49/$2.99
  • Booster Slam Module – £2.49/$2.99
  • Outer Space Customization Pack – £0.79/$0.99
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