Porsche GT3RS Road Atlanta Track Guide – iRacing GT3 Sprint Season 3 2021 Week 1 | Dave Cam

Is it curb, or kerb? Either way, there may be a lot of those in your future should the Fanatec GT3 Challenge be your iRacing 2021 Season 3 series of choice in Week 1. We’ve enlisted Dave Cam for a series of track guides for the upcoming iRacing season, and first up is Road Atlanta with one of the newest cars on the service, the new Porsche 911 GT3 R, for this first week of official racing on the new build. 

In this first of twelve exclusive video series, Dave explains the ins and outs of the twisty turns on the 2.54-mile, 4.088-kilometer venue in the southeast of the United States. As Dave puts it, it will take a slow, methodical approach to properly learn the circuit, especially if it is your first time at the track or in this car.

Watch as Dave turns slow and methodical into gently pushing the limits to be as fast as possible, utilising those raised edges between the pavement and the grass, avoiding those troublesome off-track incident points, and getting the most out of the car and the track limits. 

Dave’s also wheeling a very nice livery around the recently graphically updated Road Atlanta course that came in the Season 2 build. If you like the livery that Dave’s wheeling, iRacing members can drive this Traxion.GG biRacing bi pride scheme or any of DriveThrough’s other Traxion pride cars via Trading Paints.

As a call back to Dave’s last video for Traxion, be sure to also check out the art of effective iRacing practice, as it’s also referenced here. Let us know how much time you pick up over the week with all of these pro tips! 

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