WATCH: How to Effectively Practice on iRacing | Dave Cam

We’re talking about practice, man! Well, Dave Cam is, anyway.

Practicing on any sim or game can be a difference maker when it comes to competing at a top level. Some will have that inherent talent, but practice can refine those skills, and Dave explains some tips to maximizing practice time while utilizing iRacing.

Learning the perfect racing line is important for speed, but it’s not like there is only one car on the track. Learning how to combat alternate lines around corners when other cars are there is more important than most realize.

Also, many of the official series on iRacing feature live pit stops for road races as well as many oval tracks. Even if the race might have that yellow fever feel, it’s better to know how to pit at speed and exit pits correctly than to not even know at all.

Join us for an educational time as Dave Cam explains how to get the most out of something as simple, yet very underutilized, as a practice session. Let us know the results, and feel free to share any other tips!

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