Win the Gran Turismo 7 design competition and you could race Bring Me The Horizon

Justin Melillo
PlayStation announces GT7 design competition

Attention artists, designers, and fans of good looking race cars. PlayStation announced on Friday (11th March 2022) that it will be hosting a design competition utilizing Gran Turismo 7.

In partnership with some famous fans of the series, Gran Turismo 7 players have the opportunity to design a custom livery inspired by those famous people, and winners will get the chance to race against them and have their work showcased.

The rules are simple.

First, design a livery inspired by one of the artists or creators using the Livery Editor.

Once the livery is complete, capture a picture of your livery using the Scapes feature or in-race photos.

Finally, submit your livery on Instagram and/or Twitter by tagging the artist or creator you’ve designed a livery for, including the hashtag #GT7DesignCompetition in the post.

Livery Creation Gran Turismo 7, DriveThrough
DriveThrough’s Traxion.GG livery – nice, but doesn’t qualify for this competition

The featured partners who will also individually judge their respective designs are:

  • Bring Me The Horizon (IG @bringmethehorizon | TW @bmthofficial)
  • Davido (IG @davido | TW @davido)
  • T-Pain (IG @tpain | TW @TPAIN)
  • Unspeakable (IG @unspeakable | TW @UnspeakableGame)
  • Grefg (IG @grefg_official | TW @TheGrefg)

The competition starts now and you’ll have until a minute before midnight on 23rd March in the Pacific Time Zone to submit. Other stipulations include that you must be 18 years or older, and come from one of the specified areas listed on the official rules of the competition.

The judges will each grade the designs that they’ve been tagged in based on a 50% creativity, 25% originality, and 25% style metric.

Remember, the designs should be based on the person you tag. That person will pick their own winner from whatever eligible entries they receive. Then the winners will get to race against them. Pretty neat.

Livery Creation Gran Turismo 7, DriveThrough 02

Of course, you’ll likely perform better with the competition if you know how to import your own decals and you know how to get those beautiful images from the built-in photography settings.

Also, having a good canvas to work with will also be key, so progressing through the story and any other tips or tricks to advance through should also help you get more cars to play around with.

Will you be entering this one? Let us know in the comments below! Happy painting!

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