Playseat Trophy racing seat available soon

Playseat Trophy racing seat launches in November

A new racing cockpit from Playseat is on the way and it’s compatible with Direct Drive wheels. The new Playseat Trophy was announced over the weekend as a new piece of hardware that is able to withstand the forces created by Direct Drive wheel bases. While the seat looks fairly simple, there is more than 20 years of experience and research that was implemented in this build.

This new chassis boasts a “frame-less but extremely stable seating structure” in which sim racers can be comfortable and feel the “true” force feedback throughout their entire body. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles you’d find in other seats around the market, but if it can truly withstand a Direct Drive wheelbase, then this looks to be a fantastic purchase for the price point.

This new seat is adjustable in the areas of seat height, backrest, seat hardness, bucket seat feeling, pedal plate and steering wheelbase. The seat itself uses ActiFit material to prevent hours of comfortable play without the worry of sweating. No monitor stand is included here, so you’ll have to get that separately. It does ship worldwide, however.

This new seat is said to be compatible with all Direct Drive wheels on the market, and is recommended specifically. Don’t fret, however, as all wheels that aren’t Direct Drive, like the usual suspects from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec are also compatible with the base plate.

Playseat Trophy racing seat available soon

The new rig will launch soon and retails for €599.00 /$694.96 / £505.26. Let us know what you think about this new setup in the comments below!

Images thanks to Playseat.

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