Pit Lane Sim Racing’s MOZA-branded Formula cockpit now available for pre-order

Justin Melillo
A Formula-style rig with a body and all the works from Pit Lane Sim Racing, in association with Moza Racing, is due out on 29th September.
Pit Lane Sim Racing's MOZA-branded Formula cockpit now available for pre-order

The Canadian sim racing equipment outlet known as Pit Lane Sim Racing is now offering a new product on their site, one that’s under their own name brand. It’s a Formula-style cockpit that resembles a part of an open-wheel seating area, almost a cross-section of a real car. It is also co-sponsored by MOZA Racing.

The Formula-style-bodied simulator costs $3,984 before any additional add-ons, and that includes the special edition MOZA Racing livery wrap for an extra $691. It does say in the description that custom liveries are an option, but it does not give that option when customizing the product.

It’s just the Cockpit on its own, for that price, mind you. To add on a seat will cost either $538 or $423, a triple monitor stand to attach is an extra $1,152, for a wheel and pedal kit, it runs upwards of $1,537, and of course the motion platform will cost $8,438. Adding all the highest priced add-ons will take that $3,984 and add another $13,122 to the price tag.

Just the tub…

The bare-minimum purchase is the Formula Racing Simulator (FRS) Tub, which does not include the outer shell of an open-wheel for eye candy, but does still provide how it would feel to sit inside a Formula 3 car, since that is what this is sized off of. That tub alone is still $2,988 and includes brackets and sliders for your own seat to attach.

A few months ago, we covered an official F1 Authentics product that was a slice of a Red Bull Racing RB18 cockpit that housed a racing simulator within, priced for an exuberant £100,000, full fat. This is not that expensive, at over $17,000 with all the bells and whistles, but it still falls under a category of being more pricey than it probably needs to be for most sim racing hobbyists.

If I had that kind of money, however, it would definitely be something I’d be interested in. I’d make sure to get my custom Traxion.GG livery installed on it too, although who knows how much extra that will cost since it’s not a listed addition as of current.

More details are available at the Pit Lane Sim Racing website, and you can check out all the other items they’ve got for sale in their online store as well, from top brands such as Next Level Racing, MOZA Racing and more.

For those who do pre-order, the setup is not due to release until 29th September.

SOURCE: Pit Lane Sim Racing

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