Initial Forza Motorsport release DLC plans outlined

Justin Melillo
The DLC and bonus content that will be available at launch for Forza Motorsport can be acquired in higher tier Editions or purchased separately.
Lamborghini Revuelto, Forza Motorsport 2023

There is already a ton of planned extra content for the upcoming Forza Motorsport release on the 10th of October. What’s been announced by Turn 10 Studios has already been listed for specific editions of the game above the Standard release.

While we don’t know what the specifics are just yet, such as what cars exactly will launch, or what each will cost outside the Deluxe or Premium Editions of Forza Motorsport, we do know what each add-on DLC is named and what to expect around each on separately.

What you need to know about Forza Motorsport's career mode, Builders Cup
Eaglerock Speedway, Forza Motorsport

Car Pass Returns

The Car Pass is back for the new Motorsport, seen before in Forza Motorsport 7 and in the latest releases of the Forza Horizon series. This go around, it will be included with both the Deluxe and Premium Editions of the game and will featured 30-new-to-Forza vehicles that will be delivered one at a time, once per week.

  • 30 extra cars
  • One per week

Bonus DLC packs – Race Day and Welcome

Both Car Packs will help players get on their feet early in their Motorsport careers with some immediate inventory to your new garage. This will be sold separately, but also, they come included in the Premium Edition.

The Race Day Car Pack includes eight new-to-Forza cars that are made for racing. As for the Welcome Pack, this adds five cars to a player’s inventory right off the bat and provides a few bonus credits that can be utilized in the in-game store to buy more cars.

  • Welcome Pack – Five immediate car unlocks
  • Race Day Pack – Eight additional exclusive cars
What you need to know about Forza Motorsport's career mode, Builders Cup

A “permanent 2x Credit Boost” comes with VIP Membership

Not only will the Premium Edition get players a bit more content to add to their game, but it also comes with the huge perk of having a permanent 2x Credit Boost as your account will be christened with a VIP Membership to Motorsport.

All payouts following any race in your Motorsport career will be doubled with VIP status. Not only that, but players with VIP will get five more cars that are exclusive Forza Editions, as well as some VIP Driver Gear, a VIP Player Card, whatever VIP Crown Flair and colorways are, and even more that hasn’t been revealed just yet.

Again, we don’t know just yet what all the content entails or how much it will cost if you’re purchasing separately, but if you buy the Premium Edition of Forza Motorsport, you’ll have everything listed above from the get go. Further DLC has not yet been revealed.

SOURCE: Forza Motorsport Support

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