F1 Authentics offering Red Bull Racing RB18 simulator, but it’s not cheap

Justin Melillo
F1 Authentics has a partial RB18 chassis with sim racing components installed up for sale. The expensive sim rig ships in April.
F1 Authentics offering Red Bull Racing RB18 simulator, but it's not cheap full chassis

People say that Formula 1 is a rich man’s motorsport. Really, any form of racing is expensive in its own right, which is why we all tend to enjoy our sim racing and esports so much, as its much more budget friendly… usually. I’ve definitely seen some successful sim racers utilize the bare minimum before.

Sure, there are more premium setups and peripherals to get into, but compared to the real thing, it’s pennies, really. Well, that is unless you want to get your simulated racing in a model of two-time Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen’s 2022 RB18 car.

F1 Authentics is now offering an official show car simulator of the 2022 RB18 from the World Champions over at Oracle Red Bull Racing. My word, that is possibly the most expensive sim racing rig I’ve ever seen to date.

The chassis is unique that it is pretty much a half of a Formula 1 car, complete with the front wing, the nose, and the seating area inside and around the cockpit. It comes included with the official livery of the 2022 season, and you could probably brag that it’s the 2023 livery since they’re pretty much the same.

Inside the cockpit, there are premium curved AOC gaming screen as well as Logitech Z906 Ultimate THX Surround Sound speakers. The wheel base is a Simucube 2 Pro, the pedals are Heusinkveld Ultimate +, the wheel rim is a Rexing Formula Wheel Mayors, and the computer is an OCUK Bespoke PC.

Weighing in at 160 kilograms (that’s 350 pounds… WHAT?!?), you’ll need to have a strong foundation to rest this half chassis on. Like I said though, the price tag is steep.

The wingless “Race” Edition which is slightly less expensive.

It costs £99,999 or $124,101 for the Champions Edition, depending if you’re buying in the UK or the US. There’s also a Race Edition, which comes without the front wing assembly, and that costs £74,999 or $93,075. Folks can also get their chassis wrapped with either Max or Checo’s livery.

Don’t forget shipping costs as well… anywhere from £500 in the UK to more than £18,000 outside the UK. The site says that both versions will dispatch in April of 2023.

Personally speaking, these sims cost just as much as it did for four years of undergraduate studies at a private college did for me. I can’t imagine ever having that kind of money at any point in my life… but there are going to be some people that this is perfect for, and to them, I say, I’m totally jealous.

What do you think about this authentic partial chassis Formula 1 simulator? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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