Next stop, Switzerland in latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 Rework

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The latest rework in Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes players to sightly Switzerland as part of SCS Software’s Bern city update.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets Bern, Switzerland Rework

The renovations continue in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

After a remarkable Stuttgart, Germany update, SCS Software alluded to yet another rework within the hit simulation trucking experience. Fans from all over the world went wild for the makeover, which includes real-world landmarks.

And now, Euro Truckers can take a road trip to Bern, Switzerland – one of the lucky cities to get a remodelling as part of ETS2’s ongoing in-game project.

Bern has been around for quite some time (being one of the oldest base game areas, actually) and needless to say, it definitely needed a little TLC. The lovely Swiss city is known as the “gateway to the Alps.” Given the boom in tourism, SCS Software decided to take a wrecking ball to the area and recreate the entire map from the ground up.

Bern, Switzerland is the gateway to the Alps and shines in latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 rework

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Picturesque mountains frame every single highway; the Alps play hide-and-seek with you as you drive through unique European towns.

The former Bern featured only two logistics depots and one farm industry for deliveries, both imports and exports.

Thanks to the rejuvenation, the SCS Software team added five brand-new depots, with a rework of two existing industries, too.

New landmarks featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2's Swizerland update

One of those being a delicious chocolate factory. Side note: Swiss chocolate is everything. Truckers, it’s worth the real-life trip just for the sweets. Trust me.

A supermarket and railway depot have also made the cut in the latest rework.

Just outside the city, you’ll find a farm industry, a sawmill and a quarry. As usual, players can access their garage and mechanic services, plus a MAN Trucks dealership, as well.

Navigation has improved thanks to the repositioning of highway networks, making it easier when passing by or stopping in for a visit at Bern. While in town, the entire roadwork has been updated to reflect the real deal, which also includes the following landmarks: Bern Palace, The Cathedral of Bern, a local church and popular shopping mall.

SCS Software hasn’t dropped any details for the next stop on Euro Truck Simulator 2‘s reno road trip, but plans for the future have been teased, of course.

Keep it pinned and we’ll keep you posted on everything ETS2!

Via SCS Software

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