Next Level Racing’s GTLite Pro is an upgraded foldable sim racing cockpit

Thomas Harrison-Lord
It follows the existing GTLite, but with upgraded components for entry-level direct drive wheel base compatibility.
Next Level Racing's GTLite Pro is an upgraded foldable sim racing cockpit

The concept is relatively straightforward – not everyone has the space required for a permanent sim racing rig, nor the budget. Enter the GTLite Pro, which is a foldable frame with a seat mounted upon it and areas to place wheel bases, seeing wheels and pedals on.

Once you’ve finished your sim racing session, it folds up and can be stored out of the way, or transported to a new location. There are two roller wheels to move the unit around when it’s sat in the complete form with equipment affixed.

Next Level Racing GTLite Pro folded

We previously tested Next Level Racing’s GTLite, however, the Pro is said to offer numerous improvements – namely the design brief of not lifting off the ground under heavy braking, something pertinent with the rise of load cell systems of late.

The seat is all-new too, with breathable cushions and claimed levels of increased thigh, lumbar and should support. Additional strengthening straps for the wheel base area are included, alongside a new hole pattern to better fit the latest products and wider pedal plates. There’s also an area to mount gear shifters or handbrakes.

Despite the fold-up nature of the cockpit, once assembled there is adjustability for the driving layout – the wheel base, once mounted, can be adjusted for angle and distance from the driver. As for the seat, there are five different heights and three backrest angles. The pedal plate can either be flat or at a 15-degree angle.

The GT-style set-up is said to handle direct drive systems up to 13Nm of torque, so in theory, it can handle the ever-popular Fanatec CSL DD, Gran Turismo DD or Moza R5, even up to the Logitech G Pro and Thrustmaster T818.

Next Level Racing GTLite Pro

To go from the folded position to ready-for-action does not require tools, but we’ll have a detailed hands-on impressions article and video very soon to see if it’s straightforward. The Next Level Racing GTLite Pro is on sale as of today, 12th July 2023, for $299/€329/£279/$499(AUD).

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