Next Assetto Corsa set for ‘spring’ 2024 release

The news of a more precise launch window comes in the way of strong sales for the sim racing series Assetto Corsa, with over 28 millions copies now sold.
Next Assetto Corsa set for 'spring' 2024 release

Further information about the next instalment of garlanded driving simulator Assetto Corsa has been published, highlighting a more specific release window.

It’s been public knowledge that creator Kunos Simulazioni is creating a new series instalment since parent company Digital Bros revealed in an FY20-21 Q3 financial report that a “second version in development – expected release in 2024.”

Then studio co-founder Marco Massarutto revealed to Traxion.GG in April 2022 that development was indeed progressing and the title will move to a proprietary game engine. 2014’s original Assetto Corsa used Kunos’ own technology, before 2018’s Assetto Corsa Competizione used Unreal Engine 4.

Lamborghini Countach Assetto Corsa

Since then, predictably, radio silence while the company works on downloadable content for Competizione and the all-new title for 2024.

“The second version of Assetto Corsa is currently in development and its launch is scheduled for spring 2024,” reads a financial report published on 15th March 2023 by Digital Bros, covering the first half of the fiscal year 2022/2023.

Spring indicated a release within the first half of the year and provides a clear target rather than the previous blanket ‘2024’ time frame.

In addition, the latest report once again highlights the franchise’s strong sales, becoming a tentpole of the publisher’s line-up.

Assetto Corsa Ferrari F1 Spa

“The Assetto Corsa franchise has generated revenues exceeding €104 million with over 28 million copies sold as [of] December 31st, 2022,” continues the report.

The series was the lead revenue driver in the six-month period, which covers July-December 2022, generating €12 million in revenue.

Operating costs increased by 40.8 per cent when compared to the year previous, which the Italian video game partly contributes to “development of the new version of Assetto Corsa.”

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