New v1.17 patch released for F1 2020 game

Thomas Harrison-Lord
F1 2020 v1.17 Bahrain update

Players of the F1 2020 video game will have noticed a new update available to download for PC, PlayStation and Xbox today. Google Stadia players stand by, it’s coming “very soon” for you.

This v1.17 update refines a few elements based upon player feedback, while no doubt the rest of the Codemasters team works flat out on the upcoming F1 2021 game.

Highlights in this update include a fix to the game crashing after viewing Formula 2 replays, the spectator mode now showing the correct lap number when a formation lap is being used and fixing an error when tyre temperature could hit zero after re-joining a session.

F1 2020 v1.17 update Lando Norris Bahrain

That last change touches upon what I think is one of the best, and most underrated, features of the Formula 1 games. Should you disconnect from an online race, the AI will carry on driving your car and when you get back online, enabling you to re-join the race and take control again. A lifesaver.

We’ve listed the full notes below, thanks to the F1 game website. On PS4 at least, it weighs in at 506.8 MB.

  • Addressed an issue where tyre temperature could be at absolute zero after re-joining a session.
  • Addressed an issue starting the game with a steering wheel plugged in.
  • Addressed an issue with countback and declaring a winner when finish a world championship on the same points as another driver.
  • Addressed an issue where the incorrect message could be displayed when overtaken in the safety car queue.
  • Parc Ferme rules are now correctly retained in Leagues after using split-weekends.
  • Lap counter will now show the correct lap in Spectator after a formation lap.
  • Addressed a crash when viewing replays of F2™ races after completing the F2™ portion of a career.
  • Addressed an issue where players were unable to join a Private League with an access code.
  • Addressed an issue where blue flags could be shown to all players if someone quit and re-joined on the formation lap.
  • Addressed an issue where the yellow flag message could persist after the Safety Car had gone on after a player had quit and re-joined a session.
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