New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 

New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 

MadCow’s TrackdayR continues to receive updates, with three new tracks and a new 250cc motocross bike released.

MadCow’s ever-expanding motorcycle sim TrackDayR has received another big update, with the Italian developer adding three new tracks, a new motorbike and a plethora of other changes. 

Once again, the team has focused on off-road content, with the new tracks and bike heavily leaning towards the all-action sport of motocross. However, arriving alongside these updates MadCow has added a crucial feature: wet mud! 

New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 

Yes, squelchy dirt is present and correct in TrackDayR’s latest build and it provides a great opportunity to get your virtual rider as dirty as possible. 

A new kick start animation has also been added to the sim, with clutch behaviour also receiving attention. Tweaks to bike and rider physics, in-air control and the game’s tyre model also come with the v1.0.94.04 update. 

New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 
Utah MX Main

New tracks 

The three new tracks appear to be all inspired by real-world venues in America. Riverside MX Main looks to be a re-creation of Riverside Raceway in Iowa. Similarly, Utah MX Main looks to be a copy of the OCA MX circuit in Ogden, Utah, with Moreno Valley MX mimicking a Californian motocross venue. 

Ironically, the real-world location of Moreno Valley has absorbed the former site of the Riverside road course, famous for hosting Can-Am and NASCAR races. 

New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 
Riverside MX Main

MX250 2 Stroke 

The MX250 2 Stroke bike has been added to TrackDayR, providing an alternative to the MX250 4 Stroke released in the sim’s previous update.

The MX250 bike simulates the kind of motorcycle used in the MX2 class of the FIM Motocross World Championship or the 250cc Motocross Class in the AMA Motocross Championship, bridging the gap between the 450cc and 125cc bikes in-game. 

Are you enjoying the succession of big updates for TrackDayR? Let us know in the comments below. 

New tracks and bike headline mud-tastic TrackDayR update 

TrackDayR v1.0.94.04 changelog

  • Improved and enhanced bike crashing system 
  • New and improved in air system for whips, scrubs and backflips 
  • Improved Center of mass calculation system for Rider/Bike 
  • Improved Suspension System 
  • Improved Dirt Tyre Model 
  • Improved rider movements 
  • Improved possibility to enable/disable helps 
  • Improved manual clutch system 
  • Improved strength system for the handlebar 
  • Improved and optimized Erosion system 
  • Improved Physics Model for the dirt bikes 
  • Improved Physics Model for the road bikes 
  • New kick starter animation 
  • New smoke FX on 2 strokes with engine flood 
  • New sounds for MX250 2 Stroke 
  • Improved in air management with throttle and rear brake 
  • Improved dirtbike position with foot who can keep surface position 
  • New custom chain creation 
  • New side sounds effects – Fork, tyres, impacts 
  • New Mud behaviour and material on dirt tracks 
  • New max torque calculation on primary and secondary transmission 
  • Improved Rider animations 
  • Added Durrik’s Helmetcam MX 

Images courtesy of TrackDayR

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