New tires and BOP for rFactor 2’s GT3 cars coming on 7th February

Justin Melillo
Fans of rFactor 2 should keep their eyes peeled next week when updates and improvements are added to the GT3 cars in the sim on 7th February.
New tires and BOP for rFactor 2's GT3 cars coming on 7th February

Things have already started ramping up for the new-ness that the first quarter of 2023 usually brings. For the rFactor 2 community, the first major update of the year that’s coming to the simulator is due next week, and there will be some big improvements for all of the cars in the GT3 division on the platform.

A total of 14 GT3 cars are currently available on rFactor 2, and when the 2023 Q1 build drops in approximately a week’s time on the 7th of February, all of them (from manufacturers including Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Radical and Audi) will be adjusted and updated to the latest and greatest that rFactor 2 has to offer.

Things that will see changes include the tire technology and the overall physics to each of the 14 GT3 cars. “The GT3 class has also received support for the newly developed tender spring, the latest technology around our traction control and ABS behavior, and of course the introduction of shift protection,” read the announcement by Paul Jeffrey on the Studio 397 site.

Cars will sound better with new audio enhancements, but the most important detail is that the Balance Of Performance, or BOP, has been looked at extensively so that the cars will hopefully not have a particular overpowered or underpowered feeling when competing against one another.

The new build is slated to drop next week – on Tuesday the 7th of February – per the Studio 397 post. Check out that article for more information on what’s changing.

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