New content and cargo teased for American Truck Simulator’s v1.48 update

Work on American Truck Simulator’s v1.48 update continues apace with more details on new cargo types and content teased by SCS Software.
American Truck Simulator, Oklahoma DLC

As v1.48 of American Truck Simulator nears release more details emerge of the new content coming to the game.

Part of this includes signifcant upgrades to the game’s Texas DLC, including to its virtual highways, depots and landmarks. Also set to arrive at the same time as the game’s v1.48 update is the new Oklahoma DLC map pack, which will feature a range of new cargo types.

American Truck Simulator, Oklahoma DLC

American Truck Simulator v1.48: Texas new content

The second biggest state in the USA (by both area and population), Texas is set to be overhauled in American Truck Simulator (ATS) with over 500 real-world miles set to be added to the game’s road network, including the famous ‘High Five Interchange’ in Dallas.

Sited at the junction of the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway and the Central Expressway, the ‘High Five’ is a mish-mash of asphalt to rival ‘Spaghetti Junction’ in the UK.

American Truck Simulator, Texas DLC new content

New settlements set to arrive in v1.48 include Greenville, Shamrock, Sherman, De Kalb and Paris, with the city of Texarkana – split equally between Texas and Arkansas – in the works.

Texas will have a new construction pit depot implemented and include brand new landmarks, scenic rest stops and the obligatory hidden roads. Best of all, these new updates will be free to current owners of ATS’ Texas DLC pack.

American Truck Simulator, Texas DLC new content

American Truck Simulator: Oklahoma DLC new cargo types

SCS Software, ATS’ Czech development studio, has used the upcoming Oklahoma DLC as a way to showcase the numerous new cargo types coming to the game’s v1.48 update. These will be spread across agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries, enhancing ATS’ already-prodigious range of cargo and depot types.

Among the new payloads, we have air conditioning units, articulating/telescopic boom lifts and electrical transformers. Shocking stuff. Also on the delivery agenda for v1.48 are industrial-grade vehicle tyres (think giant dumper trucks), a new version of the utilitarian yard truck and classic yellow school buses.

Just make sure all the kids are off before driving away from the depot…

American Truck Simulator, Oklahoma DLC

Are you looking forward to American Truck Simulator’s v1.48 update and Oklahoma DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SCS Software

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