Chocobo GP returns with microtransaction-free re-release

Justin Melillo
Chocobo GP was abandoned at the end of 2022, but on 15th June, it was re-released by Nintendo and Square Enix without Mythril roadblocks.
Chocobo GP will no longer offer support following latest Season 5 update released 21st December

At the end of 2022, Square Enix had announced that their Final Fantasy karting experience, Chocobo GP, would no longer be receiving further support. Furthermore, the in-app microtransactions for Mythril would be suspended and the premium currency would no longer be usable starting 6th January, 2023.

More than six months after support ended, the title was re-released on 15th June, 2023, and now features all unlockable items through in-game progression as opposed to having to buy it all with the failed Mythril system. The Monetization aspect was one of our biggest gripes in our Traxion.GG review last year.

“It’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation here,” explained Rich Hutson in his Chocobo GP Review. “One side is a solid switch title, the other is a gross, microtransaction-riddled mobile game.” With that Mythril going away and the game losing support, it seemed this title was destined for irrelevancy.

Chocobo GP review

The free version of the game, Chocobo GP Lite, was also completely discontinued at the beginning of June, per a posting by Square Enix. Players who had the Lite title could upgrade to the full version, but at that time, the full, paid version was still the title with everything locked behind a paywall that couldn’t even be bought.

Now the title, which was originally launched on 10th March, 2022, has a new version which brings those unlockable items into the regular progression of the game. This was originally reported on Twitter by user @Nintendeal and then posted in article-form first by

While neither Nintendo or Square Enix have said anything about it, it does raise the question of whether this title will be back on the rotation for constant support again, or if this was a one-time deal to give players a chance to unlock everything in the game that was locked behind unusable Mythril since the 6th of January.

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