New teaser showcases new off-road car and mechanical ASMR 

Ross McGregor
The team has released another teaser of its upcoming SVS off-roader, also previewing new realistic vehicle cool-down sounds., Small Island, SVS

The last teaser we reported on apparently showed a new gooseneck trailer loaded with a mysterious vehicle. Although obscured by the setting Utah sun, based on previous developer posts we guessed it was an off-road side-by-side (commonly shortened to SxS or SVS) vehicle. 

Yesterday’ (12th September 2023) social media post all but confirmed this, showing an SVS idling – no doubt after a tough off-roading session. What is more intriguing is the fact that once the SVS shuts down we can hear the tell-tale ‘ticks’ of a vehicle cooling down.  

Anyone who’s driven a car enthusiastically and left it to cool on their driveway will be familiar with the ticking created by the vehicle’s metallic parts cooling and constricting at different rates, creating clicking sounds. 

Normally the noises emanate from the exhaust system, but engines are commonly made from a combination of aluminium and steel parts, so there can be a lot of sound from under the bonnet too.

It’s another neat touch that will hopefully be included in BeamNG’s v0.30 update, which, by the looks of the SVS teaser, is set to be off-road themed like v0.27 and 0.29

Are you looking forward to the new SVS in Let us know in the comments below. 

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