What’s new in BeamNG’s v0.29 Gambler 500 update

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The US off-road event, for modified humdrum vehicles, now has an official simulation via BeamNG.drive.
What's new in BeamNG's v029 Gambler 500 update

A Chrysler PT Cruiser, Toyota Corolla and Subaru Impreza, purchased for around $500 and modified for an off-road navigational event in the United States of America. If BeamNG was to partner with a real-world event, it would be this, so it did.

In fact, as followers of Vehicle Team Lead Jared Samuelson on Instagram, charting his own project car journey, it fits right in. He will be entering the real-world event in a modified BMW this year, too.

Starting with a modding competition where up to $300 is up for grabs, now (4th July 2023) version 0.29 of the soft physics driving simulator has launched with a Gambler 500 theme.

There are 25 new missions following in the style of affordable dirt driving event now available, including a new type where you must try and collect as much trash as possible.

BeamNG Trash Grab

Of course, there are new vehicle upgrades to match those missions, seven in total. Our favourites so far are the Ibishu Pigeon Poogeon, a three-wheeled pick-up with a portaloo in the back, and another three-wheel terror: the Ibishu Covet – The Unstable. Hatchback up front, one giant wheel out back.

Oh wait, there’s also the La Brutta Anatra which has a bath up front. A bath. New favourite.

BeamNG La Brutta Anatra

Speaking of toilets, a Porta Potty (alongside a bathtub) has been added to the list of available props. Insert TikTok of crashing into a toilet here…

There’s also one entirely fresh vehicle, the Soliad Lansdale. Looking like a third-generation Chrysler Town & Country (or Voyager in some markets) this minivan has all-wheel-drive, functional sliding rear doors, pre-and post-facelift bodywork plus a choice of five engines including a diesel.

BeamNG Soliad Lansdale

There’s also a Gambler 500 variation for the new challenges.

As ever with BeamNG and a new car, there are derby, race, rally and drag configurations, plus off-road and body kit visual customisations on offer.

Outside of the Gambler-specific content, there has also been a suite of subtle quality-of-life changes, such as automatic lights working during darker missions, tweaked force feedback for the Logitech G29 steering wheel, profiles for the new Moza R12 wheel base (alongside improved Moza device support across the range) and new asphalt skid sounds.

The full list can be found on BeamNG’s website, the update is available for free now via Steam and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

BeamNG.drive version 0.29 main features

  • New vehicle – Soliad Lansdale
  • Gambler 500 vehicle versions: Ibishu Pigeon – Poogeon, Civetta Bolide – Iron Owl, Autobello Piccolina – La Brutta Anatra, Ibishu Covet – The Unstable, Ibishu Covet – The Incapable, Gavril Grand Marshal – Grand Scavenger, Soliad Wendover – Croco and Soliad Lansdale – Landslide
  • 25 new missions including new trash-collection type ‘Trash Grab’
  • Enhanced Moza Racing wheel and pedal support, including new R12
  • New asphalt skid sounds
  • Enabled automatic headlights for missions during dawn, dusk, or night
  • Added Porta Potty, Bathrub and Engine props

Information and image source: BeamNG.drive

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