WATCH: Playing through the best Scenarios in

Ross McGregor
Join Piers and his co-driver John as they crash through the best Scenarios in, with hilarious results!
WATCH: Playing through the best Scenarios in

Join John and Piers as they take part in the last part of our playthrough of’s best Scenarios.

Part one saw Piers – a self-confessed BeamNG newbie – take the wheel to test his mettle against the Traxion team’s favourite Scenarios. Part one saw him battling a huge truck in a set-up straight from the movie ‘Duel’, before going on to fire cannonballs at Reliant Robin-style three-wheelers. Nice.

This time around, we see him take on our top five BeamNG Scenarios, with rallying, rock crawling and auto testing on the agenda, with a ferry jump in the style of The Grand Tour to boot.

But it’s the classic cops and robbers-inspired ‘Taken Treasure’ Scenario that really has Piers on the edge of his seat, prompting multiple attempts and frequent trips to BeamNG’s ruthlessly destructive scenery.

Has BeamNG got under Piers’ skin? Is Piers’ middle name actually a swear word? Will he get through every Scenario first time? Find out all this and more by watching part two of our best Scenarios playthrough. It would be criminal not to.

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