Need for Speed Unbound: New cars, drift physics and drag racing added

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Vol. 7: Drift and Drag delivers the latest Ford Mustang and BMW M3 Touring cars alongside updated drifting physics, further customisation options and new game modes.
Need for Speed Unbound: New cars, drift physics and drag racing added
  • Latest free Need for Speed Unbound Vol.7 update now live
  • Two new cars – Ford Mustang Dark Horse and BMW M3 Touring
  • Includes a dedicated drag racing mode
  • Drifting rehashed
  • League mode adds limited-time AI events and progression to Lakeshore Online

    The resurgence of Need for Speed Unbound continues with a Vol.7 update, subtitled ‘Drift and Drag’.

    While its name seems on the nose, it doesn’t just include drifting and drag racing content. Here’s everything you need to know.

    AI Racing within Lakeshore Online Leagues

    With the online multiplayer split into a separate Lakeshore Online silo, it wasn’t previously possible to complete events without others in the same Unbound session. That now changes with a ‘League’ addition.

    Here, completing a list of tasks – reminiscent of the existing objectives system – unlocks an event against an existing in-game ‘Rival Racer’ controlled by the AI. Completing this in turn provides rewards and the next event.

    Not all events are currently available, with the first three now live, then three further blocks of challenges unlocked over the coming weeks – presumably this list refreshes henceforth with each subsequent volume.

    Unlocking the final boss will require a collaborative goal that the online community must hit.

    Need for Speed Unbound Vol 7 drift

    Revised drifting physics

    Part of the 2024 updates to Unbound will include notable quality-of-life refinements. This time, equipping a fresh set of ‘Drift Pro’ tyres to a car effectively switches on new sideways physics.

    These are said to make consistent drifts easier without handbrake use. To go alongside the driveability tweaks are additional drift-themed online playlists. Score mechanics and the HUD have also been updated to match.

    Drag racing returns

    A feature seen in numerous prior Need for Speed titles, a simple drag race is now available, with matching online events too.

    Pre-event, you must warm up your tyres to an optimum level, nail the start and time every manual gearshift. Being able to roam into rival’s lanes, timing nitrous kicks and avoiding traffic are all key to success.

    Need for Speed Unbound Vol 7 Drag Racing 02

    Two new cars

    Following the addition of fresh Audis in Vol.6, this time the update delivers two vehicles that are new-to-market. Namely:

    • BMW M3 Competition Touring ’23
    • Ford Mustang Dark Horse ’24

    Older M3s and M4s are already part of the Unbound roster, but this is the first gerbil-teethed grille variant – the G81 estate.

    There are similar Mustangs too, but this is the first of the ‘S650’ generation models to feature. The Dark Horse is the most potent currently in the line-up, with a 5.0 V8.

    However, unlocking the cars isn’t as easy as earning enough in-game credits…

    How to unlock the BMW M3 Touring in Need for Speed Unbound

    The BMW M3 Touring will unlock at level 30 of Unbound’s Speed Pass. This is on the free tier. So, play (or grind) through the game, complete challenges and earn XP.

    The experience points unlock levels of the Speed Pass (think Battle Pass or Podium Pass) and additional cosmetic items will unlock before you hit 30 to earn the BMW.

    Reaching Level 65 of the free Speed Pass tier will unlock an M3 Touring customised for drag racing.

    BMW M3 Touring Need for Speed Unbound Speed Pass

    How to unlock the Ford Mustang Dark Horse in Need for Speed Unbound

    The Ford Mustang Dark Horse is a paid-for car that requires the purchase of Unbound’s Vol.4 Premium Speed Pass. This costs £8.99/$9.99 and opens up the ability to unlock custom drift (level 25) and custom drag (level 75) versions of the Mustang.

    Alongside Mustang content, the Premium Speed Pass provides a Speedhunters drift customisation of the aforementioned M3 Touring and a throwback version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX ‘99 inspired by 2003’s Need for Speed Underground and further cosmetic enhancements.

    Need for Speed Unbound Ford Mustang Dark Horse Speed Pass

    The Vol.7 update for Unbound is now available PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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