Need for Speed Unbound hitting Game Pass 22nd June

The open-world racing game is a return-to-form for the franchise, and now more people will be able to try it.
Need for Speed Unbound hitting Game Pass 22nd June

There seems to be a small catch, however, as the Xbox blog post announcing the addition states that this is for ‘Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members’.

Electronic Arts has its own game library subscription service, the aforementioned EA Play, which is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox devices. If, however, you subscribe to the top tier of Game Pass, Ultimate, or are a member on PC, EA Play is part of your monthly fee. Those on Xbox console non-Ultimate Game Pass, do not receive the EA titles.

Meanwhile, EA Play has not confirmed the addition of Unbound at the time of publication. A little confusing at the minute, but if the Criterion Games-developed street racer is coming to that service, expect it on PlayStation too. We’ll update this article once clear either way.

Setting that aside, 22nd June, some Xbox subscribers will have access to what we think is the best Need for Speed experience in a decade. Lakeshore is a detailed environment, but the lighting and reflection-filled puddles really stand out.

Need for Speed Unbound Games Pass EA Play Vol3

The game is only available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, and the graphical fidelity shows.

As it happens, a new Vol.3 update has been released today that includes the rather excellent online co-op Linkup mode and an in-game store to purchase cosmetic items.

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