Motorcycle sim TrackDayR update adds new bikes, tracks and tyre model 

Motorcycle sim TrackDayR update adds new bikes, tracks and tyre model 

MadCow’s TrackDayR has been updated to v1.0.91.27 and includes new bikes, new tracks and an upgraded tyre model.

After teasing a new game mode and new bikes last month, the team behind TrackDayR has released a massive new update to their PC-only motorcycle sim. 

As well as new much-needed rider animations (see our April article to witness slightly janky looking bikers), TrackDayR also now features a new replay system for RaceR and TrackDayR modes. The much-maligned helmet camera has also been reworked to offer a smoother experience than before too. 

The headline features from this update, however, are undoubtedly the new motorcycles. Update v v1.0.91.27 adds the Motocross-style MX Bike 450cc 4 Stroke, the Enduro and Trials-style Enduro Bike 300cc 2 Stroke and the Supermoto 450cc 4 Stroke (in ‘knee down’ and ‘foot down’ rider positions). 

TrackDayR v1.0.91.27

The MX, Supermoto and Enduro bikes add new variations of motorcycling to the sim, and to accompany them TrackDayR has also added new Super Enduro and Supercross tracks.  

Developer MadCow has also focused on TrackDayR’s physics, creating a new tyre model underpinned by the industry standard Pacejka tyre slip formula. The Pacejka formula is the mathematical formula developed by Dutch vehicle dynamics specialist Hans B. Pacejka and is widely used across the sim racing industry. 

TrackDayR is available at a discounted rate of £13.64 as part of the Steam Racing Fest sale.

With a number of other minor fixes to TrackDayR, the sim looks to be heading in the right direction. What is your opinion on the new bikes and tracks? Let us know in the comments below. 

TrackDayR v1.0.91.27

TrackDayR v1.0.91.27 Changelog 

  • New Animation System that allow to feel the bike weight much more realistic 
  • New Suspension System – added air/oil simulation and improved damper and speed calculation (you will surely feel the bike much more “alive” than before) 
  • New Tyre Model (based on the Pacejka industry standard formula) 
  • New Rider Weight manual Forwards and Backwards – this will chance the centre of mass of the bike depending on rider seat position (remember to set up key binding on controls options) 
  • New Chain Pull management – Bike setup now change a lot during all the ride phases based on swingarm, swingarm pivot and front sprocket 
  • New Engine with better power supply and clutch calculation 
  • New Helmetcam – Much stable and immersive than before 
  • New Physics Model for the dirt bikes 
  • New MX Bike 450cc 4 Stroke 
  • New Enduro Bike 300cc 2 Stroke 
  • New Supermoto 450cc 4 Stroke (Knee down style rider position) 
  • New Supermoto 450cc 4 Stroke (Foot down style rider position) 
  • New Supercross Track 
  • New Super Enduro Track 
  • Helmet modding enabled – now you can use your own helmet (OBJ file with material and textures) 
  • New MX Rider model (available on MX/Enduro Bikes) 
  • New MX Helmet 
  • New Wheeling Management 
  • New Stoppies Management 
  • New Damper Algorithm for the Tyre casing 
  • New Steer joint – now the steer joint will be much more stable 
  • Replay Mode (First deploy of the Replay mode will be available in RaceR and TrackDayR modes) 
  • Added 2022 Liveries on YCF160 and YCF190 
  • Enabled Headlights support – Front, rear and brake lights (if the bike has the lights press F on keyboard) 
  • First Early night support with track lamps (try Super Enduro with “night” time) 
  • Updated AI with new algorithms and new lap guides 
  • LOT OF MINOR FIXES – sincerely we have lost count of them
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