Isometric racing sequel, Super Woden GP 2, releases 18th November

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Created by Spanish indie developer ViJuDa, the follow-up to the 2021 original promises to be significantly larger.

The upcoming top-down racing title Super Woden GP 2 now has a release date for PC players, 18th November 2023.

A precise date follows a placeholder ‘November’ date on the Steam store and previously available demo.

The rally-themed vertical slice impressed us with its car modelling attention to detail and nostalgia-fuelled driving experience.

“The standout feature of Super Woden GP 2 (SWGP 2) is its roster of recognisable cars,” we said in June.

“Although unlicensed, all the game’s vehicles will look familiar to motorsport fans, with the in-game editor allowing players to manually edit their names for extra authenticity.”

The game’s Gran Turismo-aping main menu hub will be four times larger than the original title, and the included car list will be over 180 compared to 70 two years ago. Online leaderboards and four-player local split-screen are also part of the package.

No word on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox versions has been provided, although its predecessor did make the transition, albeit a year after PC. Pricing has not been announced.

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