iRacing Season 1 2023 build update: LMP2 and GT3 changes scheduled

Justin Melillo
iRacing’s LMP2 and GT3 classification of cars are getting some work done in the off-season as they’ll be updated for when 2023 Season 1 launches in a few weeks time.

Right around the corner is the next big build update scheduled for iRacing. We’re currently in Week 11 of 2022 iRacing Season 4, and that means in as soon as two weeks, iRacing will have the build ready for their Season 1 in 2023.

With the build, there’s usually a host of changes and new content for users to enjoy. While we don’t have any confirmation of any new content just yet, we learned on Tuesday (22nd November) that both the GT3 and LMP2 classes will be receiving updates when the new build drops.

Commonly utilized in many endurance and multi class road racing events, the host of GT3s on the service, as well as the Dallara P217 LMP2, will all have a whole new feel before the marquee event of the winter, the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona.

These changes are not only in part due to the need to make things more realistic, but also because a higher classification of racecar is on the way soon in the BMW M Hybrid V8 LMDh, as referenced at the start of the video.


iRacing has collaborated with real-world GT3 drivers for the upcoming GT3 update to the platform. Those updates will include a complete overhaul of the way the cars are, including a new tire model, brake pads, rules and overall feeling.

The iRacing New Damage model will be implemented on all of iRacing’s GT3 cars, a system still that’s a work in progress, but a step in the right direction over any cars still on the previous model.

Specifically with the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the real-world rules package will be put in affect here for all cars with a minimum height requirement in affect. All in all, iRacing hopes to bring their product closer to the real-world action in both the way they drive and they lap times that are capable.


Regarding the tires, they will be a completely new experience. Tires will have “a sharper and more responsive feel” moving forward, as well as a “more clearly defined limit”, presumably when it comes to things such as grip and tire wear. Revised brake pads will be implemented as well.

The way people drive the cars will affect the life of the tires as well, affecting things such as temperature build and wear profile. The video cites that if you abuse one axle more than the other, the car will respond with a loss of performance at that end of the car.

Many of these updates with the way the tires work will be both track and climate dependent. The video did mention that cars will be heavier, so that will be a part of the way the car handles as well. It’s a more progressive degradation of tire.

Going further with that, tires will not last as long either, only lasting for a single stint as opposed to previous years where tires could go multiple stints. They won’t be guaranteed to last a full fuel run in some cases.


Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 iRacing

Previous setups for all cars will likely fail, new setups will need to be worked on. iRacing recommends utilizing the base setups that will be included in the update.

Balance of Performance (BoP) in fields of mass, power and brakes will be tweaked, and different cars in the GT3 class will perform differently dependent on driving styles.

When pitting these cars, now tire changes and refueling will happen at the same time. Essentially, if you’ve driven this car in the past, unlearn everything you’ve ever known about it and come into it with an open mind as strategies and the way they race will be completely different.


An in-depth look at iRacing's Sporting Code

Currently the top car class in most of iRacing’s official multi-class races, the LMP2 will soon likely play second fiddle in class to the BMW M Hybrid V8 when that eventually becomes released.

As with the GT3 cars, the Dallara P217 LMP2 will also have the New Damage Model enabled. With the way the car will handle with its own tire update, the car will be able to drive over bumps and curbs much more compliantly as it will also have a better understanding of the limit of grip.

There will be weight and power updates which essentially will slow the car down, making lap times more realistic and in compliance with how they race around the GT3 and other GTP classes.

Porsche 911 GT3 R iRacing

That’s it so far on iRacing’s first planned update for the 2023 season.

What else do you hope that iRacing brings to the table for next season? I personally hope to see dynamic track for oval racing get looked at.

Let us know what you’re thinking down in the comments below!

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