iRacing Off-Road: Rookies shine at Bark River as Joel Blewitt, Parker Retzlaff score first wins

Justin Melillo
iRacing’s Off-Road Championship returns for 2023. In the fifth and sixth races of the new season, Joel Blewitt and Parker Retzlaff were winners at Bark River.

It was all about the rookies in the fifth and six rounds of the 2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series at Bark River on Wednesday night (12th July).

Two brand new faces to the series in Joel Blewitt and Parker Retzlaff were victorious in the fifth and sixth rounds respectively, both winning in dominant fashion once they got to the lead position. Blewitt scored his second pole position of the season to lead the first race of the night initially, and after the start, he never looked back.

Like it was in the first race of the season, Keaton Swane was right alongside. Swane was not able to capitalize on the start this time as Blewitt drove away. With a runner-up finish to the defending champion Connor Barry’s fourth place finish, Swane added four points to his lead plus another four for qualifying second.

Again, like the first round of the season at Wild West, the way the invert would work out placed another rookie and winner back in Round 2 Jarrett Liebert on the pole position. Alongside NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Parker Retzlaff, the first lap of the sixth race of the season was much more chaotic behind.

After it all settled out, Retzlaff passed his fellow rookie to take control and began to pull away. Meanwhile, Liebert had fallen into the clutches of both the the defending champion Barry and Blewitt, looking for the sweep. Retzlaff would not be touched, however.

The battle ensued for second. Barry was able to get by initially, but Liebert managed to take it back as Blewitt and Jakob Rafoss rounded out the Top 5.

With Swane finishing in the eighth position, Barry was able to flip the script and essentially gain two points on the championship lead by nights end, scoring 90 in total to Swane’s 88. The rookies Blewitt and Liebert aren’t too far back either, 18 and 26 points respectively, as the championship heads to Wild Horse Pass in a week’s time.

Bark River Race #5 – Top 10 Results:

1127Joel Blewitt11 LAPS115055
222Keaton Swane+5.585 sec04852
335Killian Dallolmo+6.169 sec04649
491Connor Barry+7.042 sec04444
5410Jakob Rafoss+8.199 sec04244
6726Parker Retzlaff+8.443 sec04040
754Josh Edmundson+9.457 sec03839
81025Jarrett Liebert+9.953 sec03636
91120Tyson Miller+12.309 sec03434
10128Christopher Plumley+18.098 sec03232

Bark River Race #6 – Top 10 Results:

1326Parker Retzlaff11 LAPS115090
2125Jarrett Liebert+2.463 sec04884
351Connor Barry+2.886 sec04690
4827Joel Blewitt+3.330 sec04499
5410Jakob Rafoss+5.070 sec04286
665Killian Dallolmo+7.206 sec04089
724Josh Edmundson+7.573 sec03877
872Keaton Swane+7.983 sec03688
9146Connor Parise+13.514 sec03458
101117Cody Retzlaff+13.545 sec03262

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Standings:

12Keaton Swane276LEADER246
21Connor Barry271-5066
327Joel Blewitt [R]258-18146
425Jarrett Liebert [R]250-26135
54Josh Edmundson210-66025
614Quentin Dall’olmo191-85012
726Parker Retzlaff [R]184-92123
815Nicholas Dachelet175-101123
85Killian Dall’olmo175-101013
820Tyson Miller175-101014

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Schedule

128-JuneWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
25-JulyCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
312-JulyBark River International Raceway11 | 11
419-JulyWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
All-Star26-JulyCrandon International Raceway – SHORTTBA
52-AugustWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
69-AugustBark River International Raceway11 | 11
716-AugustWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
823-AugustCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
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