iRacing Fanatec GT Challenge – Porsche GT3R Long Beach Track Guide Season 3 2021 Week 8 | Dave Cam

For the first time in 2021 Season 3, iRacing‘s Fanatec GT Challenge is headed to a street course. The first seven weeks have been around the world to historical road courses. Places like Spa-Francorchamps, Hockenheim, Imola and the Red Bull Ring have plenty of run off if you run a bit wide, but Long Beach is its own level of difficulty.

The 1.968-mile, 3.167-kilometer circuit leaves little room for error. Running the corner wide will likely lead to damage to either side of the car as you’ll be met by a wall or tire barrier. The same issue exists if you try and take a corner too shallow. The kerbs can kill in certain spots. Never fear, Dave Cam is here. It’s going to be ok.

Dave has the tips, tricks, and know-how to get around the Californian streets safely. It won’t be the fastest laps, but it will be the most consistent, that being the ever-popular slow and methodical approach. I don’t think I once was able to navigate the fountain, but after watching this, I can corner with ease.

There’s also some pointers on how to conquer this crazy pit road, entrance and exit. Avoid the blue line, give yourself a bit of a margin of error… just watch and learn like I did. Thanks Dave!

These track guides are released following the iRacing schedule, but thankfully they work at any point in time. If you need to know how to wheel a GT3 car around any of the previous tracks on the schedule, be sure to check out the other Dave Cam guides. We highly recommend it!

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