Indie racer Neodori Forever brings retro racing thrills to Steam from today 

Indie racer Neodori Forever brings retro thrills to Steam from today 

Indie retro racer Neodori Forever gains a surprise Steam release today, with a 15% discount until 22nd June.

We reported last month (24th May 2022) that indie retro racing game Neodori Forever would be released for PC via Steam on 23rd June. Developer Strobetano  and publisher Crescent Moon Games took us by surprise therefore, announcing the game has made its Steam debut today (16th June 2022). 

Delayed games are not uncommon in this industry, but games arriving early is an absolute rarity – but a welcome one at that. 

The object of Neodori Forever is to drift your way through an infinite number of procedurally generated environments, featuring vibrant colours and a catchy electro-pop soundtrack. 

Players can collect coins and power-ups in up to 25 different drift-inspired vehicles, with the aim of defeating a cast of larger-than-life characters in races across 11 varied environment types.

With visuals very much inspired by the likes of Victory Heat Rally we’re keen to see how the game handles for ourselves. 

Neodori Forever is available to buy on Steam with a 15% discount from now until 22nd June, priced at £6.11/$8.49/€6.96.

We’ll offer our thoughts and opinions in a review of this interesting indie title soon, but, meantime, what do you think of Strobetano’s debut racing game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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