How to use My Team Icons in F1 23

A Champions Edition bonus, eight Icons have been added to F1 23, alongside some returning legends. Here’s all you need to know.
How to use My Team Icons in F1 23

A recurring feature of the yearly Formula 1 video games of late, My Team Icons are bonus digital items received for, usually, purchasing a fancy edition. In F1 23, eight are included as part of the Champions Edition, alongside other items and early access.

What are My Team Icons?

My Team Icons are in-game characters from F1’s history, recreated within F1 23, for use with the My Team managerial mode. You can assign former real-world driving legends to your own fictional team.

F1 23 My Team career mode, Pastor Maldonado

My Team Icons are included within F1 23

This year, there are the following additions if you purchase the Champions Edition:

  • Nigel Mansell
  • Jamie Chadwick
  • Kamui Kobayashi
  • Pastor Maldonado

These exist in F1 23 alongside several existing My Team Icons that return:

  • Michael Schumacher
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Jacques Villeneuve
  • Mika Hakkinen
  • Jenson Button
  • Felipe Massa
  • Mark Webber

Note the lack of Nico Rosberg, Alain Prost and, in particular, Nico Hulkenberg who was a My Team Icon last season but is now back part of the main driver roster.

Nigel Mansell F1 23 My Team Icon

What about the Braking Point 2 characters?

Ah yes, these can be used as your team-mate within the My Team mode too, and are also part of the Champions Edition bundle too. They include:

  • Callie Mayer
  • Casper Akkerman
  • Aiden Jackson
  • Devon Butler
Braking Point 2 F1 23 My Team Icon

My Team Icon ratings

Michael Schumacher9596939296$10m
Ayrton Senna9477979694$8m
Jacques Villeneuve9295929292$4m
Nigel Mansell9081919090$5m
Mika Hakkinen9079918991$4m
Jenson Button8996949585$4m
Felipe Massa8692888685$3m
Mark Webber8585887785$3m
Kamui Kobayashi8560948383$2.5m
Aiden Jackson8466858385$2.5m
Devon Butler8371886883$2.5m
Pastor Maldonado8265836585$2.5m
Casper Akkerman8190788680$2.5m
Jamie Chadwick6839646674$1m
Callie Mayer7044706673$1m

How to select My Team Icons within My Team

To access the Icons, once you’ve purchased the Champions Edition of F1 23 only, start a new My Team within the Career menu.

As you set-up your desired career options, towards the end, you will be promoted to enable My Team Icons.

Two options here: Use or Skip.

F1 23 Enable My Team Icons

Select Use, rather obviously, for the Icons to appear within the career. If you skip, they will not be present.

Once you’ve customised your driver, selected your engine supplier and customised your livery, it’s time to select a team-mate. You have the 2022 Formula 2 grid to select, or alternatively, this is where you see the Icons in use. Pick one as your team-mate here to see them on track.

F1 23 My Team Icons drive market My Team

If you don’t select an Icon, then they will not be in rivals teams on track. But, they are still part of the driver market, so come the end of your first season, you will have the option of signing one – provided you have enough cash to do so.

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