Forza Motorsports devs, Hutch, teaming up for future mobile title

Justin Melillo
Hutch is teaming up with the Forza Motorsport devs at Turn 10 Studios for a future mobile gaming experience that will celebrate car customization.
Forza Motorsports devs, Hutch teaming up for future mobile title

Turn 10 Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Xbox and PC racing title Forza Motorsport, is teaming up with Hutch, one of the leading mobile racing game publishers, for a future standalone mobile game that is set to be “focused on a car customization experience tuned for a broad audience on mobile platforms.”

This project has reportedly been in discussion for years now, since 2020, but it was just announced on Thursday (15th June). Hutch is set to be the main developer, which makes sense since they are the mobile experts, but they will be looking to utilize Turn 10’s gameplay and visual style from the Forza franchise.

Known for their development of the Forza Motorsport franchise since 2005, just because Turn 10 is involved does not mean for certain that this upcoming game will be titled Forza. Hutch is already known for popular mobile titles such as F1 Clash, Rebel Racing and Top Drives. What this game will be is still mostly unknown.

Porsche Showdown adds new car to Forza Street
The now defunct Forza Street.

There once was a Forza mobile experience titled Forza Street, not developed or published by Turn 10 but rather by Xbox Game Studios and a company known as Electric Square. This title shut down in April of 2022.

For now, the only details we have are that these two are working together, it’s on the mobile gaming platform and it will feature car customization as one of the key mechanics in the title. Turn 10 will have guidance over the project as well.

We’ll keep an eye out for any further developments, such as a title or a release date, and let you know when those become available.


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