How to unlock Williams’ 800th race livery in F1 23

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The design was used by Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant during the 2023 British Grand Prix.
How to unlock Williams' 800th race livery in F1 23

The livery marked the Grove-based Formula 1 team’s 800th race in the pinnacle single-seater championship. That milestone is actually during the Hungarian Grand Prix later in July, but the team debuted it early at Silverstone ahead of its home crowd.

Once the Central European race is complete, the team will revert back to its usual colours, minus the Union Flag on the engine cover and unique sidepods.

Like the real-world look, the style is only available for a limited period to unlock – but then keep and use for the duration of your F1 23 ownership – within the official video game. Here’s the when, why and how.

  • Play F1 23 between set dates, 10th-23rd July 2023
  • Visit the in-game mail inbox
  • Claim the Williams Racing 800th race livery
  • Apply the design to the F1 World car

Play F1 23 during a set time

In order to unlock the special Williams 800-race design, you must play F1 23, when connected to the internet, between 10th-23rd July 2023 on PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

After that time, as it stands, it will not be available. If you’ve already claimed the design during this time, it will remain in your inventory to select after the 23rd July.

F1 23 game Williams Racing 800 races livery design

Visit your mail inbox

Once within F1 23, visit your email inbox. This is within the ‘Player Card Hub’ menu, accessed by tapping the PlayStation touchpad or Xbox view button when within the game’s options screens. Then select ‘mail’.

Provided you’ve played F1 23 within the set dates, there will be a message in there entitled ‘Join Williams Racing Celebration’ sent from ‘Customer Services’.

F1 23 Mail Inbox Williams Racing 800-race livery

Open this email and you will see one reward: 1 ‘Customisation Item’.

This is the new Williams paint scheme for your collection, so select the ‘claim all’ button.

You will then be greeted with the following screen showcasing your reward.

F1 23 Mail Inbox Williams Racing 800-race Edition livery

Applying the Williams 800-race livery in F1 23

Once claimed, you must then add it to a car. To do so, visit the ‘Customisation’ menu within F1 World then ‘Car Liveries’.

F1 23 Car Livery Select New Design

Next, select ‘Create New’ and from the next screen, you’ll be able to scroll through various base designs you’ve unlocked. One of these will be the Williams look, so select that. It’s worth being in mind that you can’t change the colour scheme, unlike the unlicenced designs.

F1 23 Select a livery Williams

Huzzah, your F1 World car will now be adorned by blue tones and raced within that main game mode including Quick Race and Ranked online multiplayer.

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