How The Crew Motorfest was created, developer interview | Traxion Podcast

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Here’s how The Crew Motorfest was created, by the development team themselves, available to listen to now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and your favourite podcast app.
How The Crew Motorfest was created with the development team | Traxion Podcast

Join Thomas Harrison-Lord to discuss The Crew Motorsport with Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s Stéphane Beley, Senior Creative Director, and Julien Hummer, Content Director.

With just days until the multi-platform open-world racing game launches, here you will hear about its four-year gestation (beginning as DLC for The Crew 2), the original game name and the new playlist structure.

The team also covers why Hawaii is the ideal location for this new Crew spin-off and the work required to get Toyota cars included.

The Crew Motorfest is coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox on 14th September, but Gold and Ultimate digital edition owners receive early access on the 11th.

Also, from the 14th, the first five hours for all players will be free to play across all platforms.

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