How Jimmy Broadbent is transitioning from sim racing to motorsport | Traxion.GG Podcast S4 E4

In this latest episode of the Traxion.GG podcast, we are joined by none other than Jimmy Broadbent – the leading sim racing online content creator, former shed-dweller and now also a real-world motorsport competitor.

He’s currently competing in the 2022 Praga Cup for Fanatec Praga Team 87 alongside Geordie Mutch and the duo are sitting second in the standings after a podium at Oulton Park recently. 

Jimmy Broadbent, Geordie Mutch, 2022 Praga Cup, Fanatec Silverstone

We talked here at Silverstone in the Praga paddock on a cold day of pre-season testing, hence why the audio isn’t quite up to our usual standards. Jimmy, though was on top form, so hear his thoughts on sim racing, racing games and how to turn that into a real-world career with championship aspirations.

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