Hot Wheels Unleashed coming to PlayStation Plus Monthly Games in October

Crystal Scuor
PlayStation Plus subscribers can add the riotous Hot Wheels Unleashed to their library for no additional cost in October for one month.

One of Milestone’s hottest hit games will be all yours this October – if you’re a PlayStation Plus Essential or above member that is.

PlayStation connoisseurs (on PS4 and PS5) can pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fee, which then opens pandoras box to a plethora of free games. Autumn’s line-up is impressive, to say the least, especially with a fresh set of Hot Wheels Unleashed action.

And for good reason.

Hadouken! Drive 'as' Street Fighter's Ryu in Hot Wheels Unleashed

If Hot Wheels has a million fans, I am one of them. If Hot Wheels has one fan, I am that one. If Hot Wheels has zero fans, then I am not on this planet anymore… you feel me? Let’s be real, the popular nostalgic racing game has more than just a few fans.

It’s like transporting yourself into the movie Toy Story and experiencing the world from the front seat of a tiny four-wheeler. The roster boasts classic real cars, such as the Fiat 500, Audi Sport Quattro and the El Camino.

You can even eat all the pizza your heart desires while cruisin’ those flashy orange tracks in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon.

Luckily for the 102 million active monthly PlayStation users around the globe, Hot Wheels Unleashed is free to play with your PS Plus Membership, even for those with the base Essential package.

October’s game haul will also include Injustice 2 (for PS4), a twisted take on heroes and villains duking it out in a DC universe through online/local play, or an immersive single-player campaign as Batman, and Superhot (PS4). Think First Person Shooter, yet time only moves when you do.

Each game will become available for download on Tuesday 4th October.

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